European Super League

Load of shit

Edit: According to Bloomberg, investment bank JP Morgan will invest 4 Billion Euros in The Super League. Because of course “investors” are heavily involved. Greedy assholes.

Let’s get right into this. Its greed. Pure and unadulterated greed. They don’t care about fans, the players, or the game as a whole. We would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t think this was coming. Everything that has been done over the years by UEFA and FIFA has been done to benefit the big clubs and even that hasn’t been enough.

First let’s watch BootWizardBootReviews excellent video on it:

Let’s also watch Noelle Francisco’s also excellent video:

Ever since BSkyB pushed for the formation of the Premier League, the biggest clubs in England sought to hoard more and more wealth like Smaug. Teams in Italy, France, Germany, and Spain have looked on with envy for years. While broadcast reviews has skyrocketed for those bigger clubs, a lot of the teams in these leagues have been left behind. Some didn’t even last until the pandemic. Hell, some clubs get wound up and will never come back again. Also, the absolute irony of seeing Gary Neville’s (good) take on the situation being done on SkySports should not be lost on us.

As soon as I saw that Man City overturned their Champion’s League ban, I felt that sooner or later this league would be announced. Maybe it’s all a bluff, done to draw even more money from everyone’s pockets.

What’s even crazier its that it seems the players and managers weren’t even consulted with. The clubs just decided to do it according to Melissa Reddy, Senior Football Correspondent at The Independent.

And what have clubs done to deserve a seat at this table? Arsenal and Tottenham are a mess, the latter of which have won less league titles and have played in as many European Cup/Champion’s League semi-finals as Derby County since 1970. They’re just rich. That’s all there is to it.

“But clubs have lost tons of money because of pandemic, they need the cash to keep going”. So fans and the sport as a whole are supposed to suffer as a result of their stupidity? These owners of these MULTI-BILLION dollar companies (because that’s what they are) shouldn’t be allowed to run them if one pandemic can almost topple them. So many other clubs have had to make do and have done so. Nobody forced Barcelona to spend hundreds of millions of Euros on players that haven’t done enough for them. For Griezmann alone, I can think of at least 10 players who could do that business for a lot less money.

This announcement even already came after UEFA agreed to expand the Champion’s League for these greedy bastards.

The fact that Dortmund and Bayern Munich aren’t joining shows us the power of fans. Germany’s 50+1 rule isn’t perfect, but it does help stop clubs from doing something so ridiculously anti-fan.

John Nicholson of Football365 made a lot of excellent points in his article “Big Six can f*** off to European Super Jerk Off League now” but these two paragraphs stuck out in particular to me:

“These clubs are owned by people who don’t know us, who don’t understand us and don’t care about us. They disregard everything we think, say and feel. They leave us helpless. They take our money, but do not respect us for paying it, quite the opposite.
They are contemptuous of us to such an extent they will ignore everything we say. Blinded by money lust, these clubs have ploughed on with their scheming. Our affection for them is a one-way street and we are frankly having the piss taken out of us by this cabal of corporate brand rights holders and have been for years. Honestly, what is the point in supporting any club taking part in any of this? We didn’t sign up for it, were not asked and are being bounced into it.”

I honestly find myself agreeing with a lot of his points. If the Big 6 leave (or get kicked out of) the Premier League, then fans of most clubs should be happier. It would get rid of greediest clubs and make the competition more fair as a result. Same with the Champion’s League. Clubs should then force the leagues to re-negotiate the (albeit definitely smaller) the TV packages to benefit clubs more. The current system of “trickle-down” money isn’t enough. When clubs like the team from Ilkeston in Derbyshire in England had teams wound up twice in the past 10 years for a total of 61,438 pounds of debt, you can tell it isn’t working. “But that money is only supposed to be for Football League Teams!” Well it should be everyone. The UK gov’t gave non-league clubs 10 million pounds to help them survive the pandemic while the Premier League spent over 1 Billion pounds on players during the 2020 summer transfer window. Ridiculous.

Every single Big 6 club’s supporter’s association has come out against this plan. You would think this would give the clubs pause for thought, but I’m not holding my breath.

And let’s not let UEFA, FIFA, the English FA get away like they’re the good guys. They have absolutely allowed this to happen and spread of their own greed being allowed to go unchecked.

Really, the whole system needs to be overhauled on every level at almost every club and at every governing association.

There’s plenty of suggestions for how this can all be changed and many from people who are definitely smarter than me. And UEFA has already outlined its response (which I largely agree with). But here’s a few I’ve thought of in response to this:

Every person involved in these club’s decisions to join the Super League should be forced to sell the clubs and be banned from football for life.

Every club in every league should be forced to change to the 50+1 that is currently in use in Germany.

Every club should be fined equivalent to their past two years of profits.

TV money should be radically redistributed in order to ensure that there are far less chances of clubs going under.

Wage caps should be introduced globally, as well as a cap on the cost of transfers.

Remember; We out number them, let’s make our voices heard!

I definitely have some more, erm spicy, ideas. But we’ll leave those for another time. I’ll leave the last words to Sir Alex Ferguson:

“Talk of a Super League is a move away from 70 years of European club football. Both as a player for a provincial team Dunfermline in the 60s and as a manager at Aberdeen winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, for a small provincial club in Scotland it was like climbing Mount Everest,” he told Reuters.

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4 thoughts on “European Super League

  1. Agree 100%
    A great statement on a great blog.
    But please do me one favour and remove RB Leipzig from the article. The club is ownend and financed by Red Bull.
    Best regards from Germany

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