Washable Kangaroo Leather and Scotch Gard Leather

Mizuno’s Present versus Past

What leather is treated with and its advantages that it has over other leather boots is not something that is talked about much with other brands. Sure, Nike talks about ACC and adidas has much to say about its FusionSkin but outside of what they are, there isn’t much said about what they do. This is where it feels like Mizuno has really done their homework. A brand can pack all of the tech in the world into a leather boot but if it doesn’t last or is a pain to clean, its not really worth it in my opinion.

Let’s start with Scotch Gard leather, which Mizuno used to previously use on all of their top end models. Scotch Gard is normally sold as a spray that helps with stain resistance and with waterproofing. The former aspect is what Mizuno was more focused on. The Scotch Gard was used as part of the treating process while the leather was being prepared to be used for making the boots. The goal was to help the leather become more resistant to pick up stains, smells and to help increase the overall durability. Having used Mizuno kangaroo leather boots for several years, I can confirm that this was effective. So, then people might be wondering why Mizuno decided to change.

Which is where Washable Kangaroo Leather comes into play. In the years previous to 2020, Mizuno mostly only used their Washable Kangaroo Leather on their mid-range made in Japan models, like the Monarcida series. However, preceding the launch of the updated 2020 Morelia, Mizuno switched to a newly improved version of their Washable K-leather which began to be used on higher end models towards the end of 2019. The reason behind this switch is that Mizuno found through feedback from customers as well as their pro athletes that the Scotch Gard tended to wear off too quickly for their liking. So, Mizuno decided to stop using Scotch Gard and focus more on improving their own Washable Kangaroo leather.

Mizuno says Washable K-leather is easier to clean (since its erm, washable) and has a higher level of durability. I have personally found it to be slightly more pliable and prefer the newer leather. Again, it still is somewhat stain resistant, but cleaning and keeping the boots easier to do than a lot of leather boots from other brands. I also found that the leather as good as previously when it came to not picking up smells.

What’s even better is that aside form the fact that the newer leather being a bit more pliable, its nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two. Even when testing was going on with the new Morelia, the testers didn’t know the leather treatment had been changed until they were told about it.

Hopefully this short little breakdown of the leathers will be a useful resource for people.

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6 thoughts on “Washable Kangaroo Leather and Scotch Gard Leather

    1. I mean, I don’t doubt that’s partially the case. Developing stuff in-house will always save money. But yeah, I prefer the newer washable leather over the Scotchgard. And I did have my doubts. Definitely worth it though!


  1. Have you realized, that there was a quality drop in the building process? In older morelia 2s there were less parts were the leather pieces overlaped each other. Now it seems like every leather piece is stiched onto another. On feet you don’t feel the difference, but in terms of looks and ways the boots get dirty it’s less premium i think. It seems now that the building process of the MiJ is more close to the building process of the indonesia Models.
    Any thoughts?


    1. I personally don’t feel like there was a drop in the overall quality. I prefer the newer leather. In terms of adding more stitching, it was probably done in order add more durability to the boots. Some interesting points though. It should be noted that Mizuno doesn’t own the factory where the Indonesia models are made, so I would unsure as to why they’d have a similar production process for both styles at this point.


      1. I think I have to add that the quality is still the best of the best. I only realized the small change and wanted your thoughts on it.

        Btw. Thanks for your great content. I love your blog!
        Maybe you can do a comparison between the Morelia 2 an the Wave Cup Legend. I would like to get your opinion on who would win this “boot battle”.


      2. Oh yeah, apologies if I came across as dismissive! You’ve definitely got a good eye for details.

        I appreciate the kind words! Hmmm that’s a good idea, I’ll have to figure out how I would go about doing that. We’ve only just had enough snow melt to have the pitches open up here so maybe I can squeeze it in during one of my reviews. Thanks for the great idea!


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