ASICS Ultrezza 2 AI Tech Breakdown

ASICS’ most tech heavy boot gets an update

The original Ultrezza was first released back in 2019 (time has been weird in the past few years) with some solid fanfare. A great boot packed with a lot of tech that received a lot of praise for how that tech was used and how good the fit was, I highly recommend you read Jay’s review and post-hype reviews that he wrote for BOOTHYPE. Like any tech heavy boot, whenever a new model is released, the tech is where all of the magic is, so let’s dive in.

One of the most well-known pieces of tech for ASICS is their gel cushioning that’s found in a lot of their running shoes. While the previous model of the Ultrezza used the fuzeGEL for support, the Ultrezza has switched to FLYTE FOAM, which while retaining the 5mm lift is also lighter and still offers cushioning and helps reduce burden on the joints. It also isn’t as visible as the fuzeGEL and therefore makes the heel look sleeker.

Looking sleeker is definitely the theme with the Ultrezza 2, with the overall profile and design having gone through a slimming down process that takes away that bulky look that was a complaint for some on the previous model. The overall weight has dropped by 30 grams in a size 26 cm because of the use of new materials.

The midfoot and heel materials are one of the biggest changes. ASICS have introduced a new material called SANDWHICH SPAN WOVEN. This is a woven material that aids the fit, provides stability and enhances the lockdown of the boot.

Of course, the leather forefoot is another big factor in the Ultrezza. ASICS have stuck with the platinum leather upper but have removed the stitching and switched to a seamless forefoot. This was done to help enhance the fit and is embossed with a wavy pattern to stop the leather from overstretching and stop wrinkles from occurring on the upper no matter much the foot bends the boot during play.

Whilst the layout of the studs has not been changed, the soleplate itself has undergone a lot of changes. The X-shaped bending groove, now called “X Guidance”, has been redesigned into a more functional piece that not only allows for flexibility horizontally and vertically, but in diagonal directions as well. This is done in order to allow for turns, dashes and movements are easier to execute.

The other more noticeable change is the addition of the TORQUE TRUSS. This midfoot structure is designed to help promote stability in the midfoot while having the flexibility required to cut and turn. This, along with the rest of the soleplate is made up of two different materials. The bright yellow material is a softer resin that allows the soleplate to help absorb pressure while the dark navy material is harder resin to help with stability. The bottom of the studs themselves have been changed to a Urethane resin to increase their durability.

The ASICS Ultrezza 2 AI has a lot of new tech implemented in pursuit of three things: fit, mobility and support. While the weight is being pushed hard in a lot of the marketing materials, I think the three previously-mentioned things are more important and better selling points. Either way, I am very excited to test the Ultrezza 2.

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All Photos Credit: Sports Web Shoppers


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