Adler Boots Line-up Tech Breakdown

For many years Adler was seen as a relatively inexpensive Japanese brand with good boots but were viewed negatively versus other Japanese companies when it came to quality and performance. But now Adler have gone on the attack, producing four new models made to compete with not only the bigger Japanese brands, but some of the other artisanal brands available globally. Adler have completely revamped their entire line up to introduce four new models ranging from full, high quality, kangaroo leather to even a full microfiber model.


The Yatagarashu is the top model in Adler’s new line up. It features a full, top of the line kangaroo leather upper with good cushioning in the heel area. It also has a deep lacing structure which allows you to fully adjust the fit.

While to boot is classically styled, there is a secret hiding on the inside. The midsole is made from a material called KaRVO, which functions similarly to carbon fiber. The KaRVO midsole in the Yatagarashu has a thicker mid-foot shank included to not only provide support, but to also give springback when running and sprinting. It is also there to help prevent foot fatigue.

The lining is a material called Premium OX that is a type of nylon that is soft to the touch while also being thin and durable.


The Horenso is Adler’s take on the lightweight leather speed boot. It is the lightest of all of Adler’s models. Like the Yatagarashu, it is made with a full kangaroo leather that is super soft to the touch. It is designed to have a slightly more wrapped around the foot feel in order to make the boot feel like a second skin. The design of boot is made to look like a modern classic while still performing like and more modern boot.

Also, like the Yatagarashu, it has a KaRVO insert to help with foot fatigue but forgoes the middle shank in order to shave down the weight of the boot. It still provides springback in the forefoot as well.

The boot is lined with Cambrelle, which is a material that helps keep moisture of the shoe and is a quick-drying fabric that allows the foot to be comfortable in multiple conditions.


The Jarumakan is seen as the classic model in the line-up. It has a top-grade kangaroo leather forefoot with an artificial leather midfoot and heel. The upper is treated in such a way that it is highly breathable and helps release moisture and it less likely to pick up sweat. It also has a wide and deep lacing system so that the boot can fit a majority of foot types with ease.

Unlike the rest of the Adler line up, the Jarumakan has a cow leather insole with a fiber midfoot shank to help increase comfort, keep the foot supported, and prevent tiredness and overextension of the foot muscles.

It is lined with the same Premium OX material that is found on Yatagarashu.


Lastly, we have the microfiber upper model, the Yamatokyo. What is impressive is how soft and supple the microfiber feels for a sysntehtic upper. The upper and boot overall is designed to be used in even the worst of conditions so that you can maintain your performance.

It is also the same KaRVO midsole that the Yatagarashu and the Horenso have, so it pashes for that same support and fatigue reduction as the other two boots. It also features a zig-zag design on the laceholes to order to achieve better lockdown when lacing the boot up.

Other features

All of the boots in Alder’s line-up feature laces from a company called ITOGO that are made in Japan. The laces are a braided design and are created specifically for Adler’s boots and have outstanding durability and does not loosen easily when tightened and laced up.

A big feature of the Adler boots are the inclusion of a second pair of insoles. This replaceable insole is from a Japanese company called ReaLine and is designed to help support the arch of the foot without adding extra bulk to that area of the foot.

Overall, the Adler boots can be considered more classic in the nature, but key pieces of tech, like KaRVO and the additional insoles help separate the brand from the crowd of classic boots on the market. Rather than being designed purely for aesthetics and fit, performance was thought about while the boots were being created. While Adler continues to strive to improve all the time, surely these first releases seem like they will make plenty of boot fans happy.

The boots are now available to buy directly from Adler by clicking on the link here

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View and Buy the Adler line up here. If you do purchase, make sure to send me your order number afterwards.

Header Image Credit: 0014Blog

All Other Image Credit: Adler


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