Adler Jarumakan Review

The standard model sets a standard

While Adler has gone to great lengths to refreshen and rebuild their entire lineup, that does not mean they have completely forgotten their past. The Jarumakan, which is seen by the brand as their standard model, is somewhat reminiscent of their previous Toledo model. It is an interesting juxtaposition because for those wore Adler previously, they can understand what big changes Adler have made to their “classic” model. A lot has changed, and everything has been upgraded. But most of all, the Jarumakan sets a loftier standard for Adler than their previous models did.


This starts with the fit, which has been improved versus the previous Adler models. The upper wraps the foot better and the leather is softer as well. It is also obvious that work went into improving the quality of the upper as it is a better grade than what Adler has used previously. Plus, they smell great. The smell of high-quality leather never gets old and there is no exception here.

The synthetic used in the midfoot and heel area has also been improved. Again, it is possible to feel the higher quality of the material if you are able to compare it to Adler’s previous work. And if there was one thing that was an issue with older Adler models, it is that sometimes there was too much cushioning in the heel, which made the boots feel overly bulky.

Combining these refreshed elements together means you get a boot that feels great on feet and is very comfortable. There were no hot spots to speak of during testing and because of the excellent Itogo laces, the foot always feels firmly locked into the boot.

Another nice touch with the Jarumakan is the leather midsole. This is again like other handmade brands, but what sets Adler apart is their midfoot shank that is included in order to provide more support through the midfoot.

Of course, since there is a leather midsole, this means that unlike the other new Adler models, there is no KaRVO midsole. This does mean that the springback is not really there. However, it can be argued that since the Jarumakan is Adler’s classic model, they are not focused as much on the tech as they are producing the boot with the most natural feel. This translates to the Jarumakan having a more flexible soleplate than other Adler models.

Overall, the boot feels like it has a more refined fit and is more comparable to other handmade boots on the market from other brands. Unlike a lot of those artisan brands, Adler still has good cushioning in the heel and the break in process is far easier on the feet as it only took about an hour session to get the boots to feel like they were ready to go.

As far as sizing, I once again went half a size down, however I think true to size is probably the best choice for most people. Unless you want to be a madman like me.

Touch and Dribbling

The Jarumakan is a classic leather boot when it comes to the touch on the ball. What this means is that there are no surprises or gimmicks on the upper to speak of. It is easy to argue that the cross-stitched pattern on the upper really helps with that natural feeling on the ball that only a soft leather upper can provide.

There is a bit of cushion in the forefoot which means that unlike some more modern leather boots, it feels more like the ball is being caressed by the foot rather than a thinner, more barefoot sensation. This does not mean that the boot feels overly cushioned, rather there is just enough there to take the sting out of the ball.

This blog will almost always argue that a leather boot is better for dribbling the ball than a synthetic or a knit boot. Part of this is because leather boots can stretch and form around the more naturally rather than being in a pre-determined shape that just softens up so that it feels more natural. Another part goes back to that more natural feeling that was previously mentioned. In my view, only a leather boot can beat out a leather boot with this.

Which means that the Jarumakan is great for dribbling. Lots of little touches, or big strides, neither is of any concern to this boot, which just allows the player to play their game, with as little distractions as possible.

Passing and Shooting

This also means that there are really no surprises to be had when hitting the ball with power in the Jarumakan. This is to be taken as a positive, rather than a negative as far too many boots try to overcomplicate the most basics of the game: hitting the ball.

Whether it is playing a long ball, curling a shot towards goal or even the shortest of passes, the Jarumakan is just there. Nothing to get in the way of your play, nothing to overcomplicate. Sure, this is not what some people might be looking for in a boot, but for the leather purists it is a dream.

Shooting in the Jarumakan just feels…right. What this means is that there is nothing to think about when hitting the ball and all of the player’s focus can go towards hitting ball rather than taking that split second to think about the boots when doing so.


Once again, Adler is using the same soleplate but since there is no KaRVO midsole, it might be handier to look back on the review of the Adler Reggio or Toledo for more information on how the soleplate performs. The big difference with the Jarumakan is the inclusion of the midfoot shank, that again provides more midfoot stability and means the soleplate does not overly flex when playing.


It is easy to appreciate what the Jarumakan brings to the table with its high-quality plush leather upper, its back to the basics design and excellent fit. Adler has set a standard for itself and others of what a standard model should be. That is, simplicity, comfort, fit and quality. What Adler has done with the Jarumakan is something that other classic boot brands would do well to look at to see how the standard boot should be. The Jarumakan is one of the new standards for classic leather boots.

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