Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Low Review

A Proper Modern Predator

Hopes were initially high when adidas brought back the Predator series in 2018, however, the boots were still very much just a newer version of the Ace series. It was not until the Predator Mutator in 2020 that we finally got rubber elements on the boots again. In spite of the addition of the rubber elements, more than a few people had issues with the fit, and the boot that finally fixed that was the Predator Edge, which was unfortunately too stiff and was almost dead on arrival once word got around about the stiff upper. With the release of the Predator Accuracy, adidas has finally produced a Predator that has the fit and the feeling of power that one would expect from a Predator.

Fit and Feel

Initial impressions when taking the boot out of the box for the first time are relatively good. The boot has a wider midfoot than its predecessors. The upper is adidas’ HybridTouch, which is probably one of the best synthetics that adidas has produced. The grip elements feel grippy in hand and the redesigned shape of them makes them feel like they will be more durable than previous Predators. I opted for the hard ground soleplate, which has been around since 2018, and if it is not broke, it does not necessarily need to be changed.

The Hybridtouch on the adidas Predator Accuracy is a little stiff in hand and on feet initially, but it only took about an hour to feel like the boots had become soft enough to feel confident in them. After breaking in the boots, the upper fits well and performs in the way one expects from a nice synthetic upper. It would not be too much of a stretch to call the HybridTouch upper found here as one of the better synthetic uppers currently on the market.

Overall, the fit itself in very good. There are no hotspots through the forefoot and midfoot and the boot feels wide enough in the right areas without feeling so wide that the boot feels clumsy on feet. Even more impressive, is that there is no bunching for me on the instep, which is common on most synthetic boots. The HybridTouch upper is not overly thin, so it can take a tackle or two without feeling like there is no protection for the feet. But it is also not so thick to the point that the boots feel overly cushioned and there is a nice balance to the upper.

If there is a part of the boot that feels like a bit of a let down in terms of fit, it is once again the heel. While there is not as much slippage as expected, it is recommended to wear grip socks with the adidas Predator Accuracy. There has also been a hot spot on the right heel that did not lead to blisters but is still an area of concern. It feels as if the heel cushions are placed too low to give a proper lockdown in the back of the boot.

Another thing that could solve this issue would be the addition of an extra pair of laceholes towards the top of the boot. These extra laceholes would also be able to help with the lockdown. The lockdown is not bad overall, and the knit across the top of the forefoot is snug, but the boot could certainly benefit from more lockdown. Some people do not like to have their laces go that high up, but if adidas at least had the extra laceholes there as an option it would cover more preferences.

As far as sizing goes, I went half a size down and found the fit to be good. The boots run about a quarter size long, which seems to be the norm these days. However, as per usual with boots like this, it is not necessary to go half a size down unless you prefer a tighter fit.

Touch and Dribbling

We start to see the party piece of the adidas Predator Accuracy come to the forefront of things here. The touch on the ball feels cushioned because of the high definition grip zones found on the forefoot. If going from a boot with no grip elements, there is a little bit of getting used to the grip on offer. It does not feel like a distraction and instead the benefits of the grip are easy to understand. The boots allow for a very confident touch on the ball it is satisfying to deaden the ball and while it still relies on the skill of the wearer, it does feel like there is a benefit of wearing the boots versus others on the market.

For dribbling, the Predator Accuracy has these ridges on the outstep that mimic the design and pattern of the high definition grip without having the rubberized feel of the instep. Instead, the ridges are raised slightly which helps with keeping the ball under control on the outside of the boot without feeling like you will trip over the ball while dribbling. It does not have the razor-thin touch that might be found in other boots, but it more than performs its role and overall dribbling makes for a solid experience in the boots.

Passing and Shooting

This is part where the adidas Predator Accuracy is something that bit different from everything on the market. Basic passes feel solid, and for the most part more natural than one might expect with this much grip on offer. Longer passes feel excellent and the boots are almost begging for long “Hollywood” type passes to be hit. It is also fun to put some bend on the ball with lower, driven passes. Of course, with the grip available, crossing the ball feels great and the boots almost beg you to take every set piece.

Shooting is also an excellent experience as the boot has a certain amount of oomph that is not always found elsewhere from other boots on the market. Since there is so many little grip elements on the upper, it also feels like shooting is able to be more precise – as in, there are many different shot types that feel slightly easier to pull off in the boots. Even in adverse conditions (it snowed heavily during one session) the grip feels like it gives a slight advantage and hitting the ball does not seem to be affected in awful conditions.

While the boots are not marketed as much as a power boot instead of a control boot, the adidas Predator Accuracy does feel more like a power boot of old in that there seems to be this feeling that the ball can be hammered in the boots. This may be down to the combination of the HybridTouch upper and the high definition grip as a performance package. Part of this is probably mental, but then again, a lot of the game is mental.

A quick about the hard ground plate here. It does a great job of anchoring the foot into the ground when hitting ball without making the boots feel like they are stuck in the surface.


The hard ground soleplate found on the adidas Predator Accuracy is coming up on five years of being the go to HG soleplate for the Predator series, but in all honesty, it does not feel out of place in the slightest. There is something to be said for sticking with what works, just look at Messi’s continued affection for the Gambatrax plate, and while it would be tempting to argue that the plate needs to be updated, it still works with few issues. Given that most brands often change things for the sake of it, it is somewhat refreshing to see adidas stick with what works.

The soleplate offers plenty of grip on multiple surfaces without ever feeling too clunky. There is enough stiffness for decent springback and there is a lot of stability in midfoot which allows the soleplate to properly support the foot. There is one slight issue, and that is that through the first session and a half, the middle stud that was closer to the midfoot was causing a little bit of pressure. Just because the soleplate works well does not mean there is no room for improvement. Overall though, the soleplate is robust enough to handle most situations and adds to the overall feeling of this Predator feeling like a power boot.

HG and FG

Obviously, most people will be wearing the firm ground model of the adidas Predator Accuracy, however, I wanted to test the HG model since the soleplate has been around for some time. If possible, the HG model seems to be the way to go if you play heavily on artificial grass, given how aggressive the AG model’s soleplate looks.


Adidas had to win a lot of people back over after the Predator Edge and even the Predator Mutator and the Predator Freak did not win a lot of people over because of their fit. However, with the release of the Predator Accuracy, adidas has made a proper power boot worthy of the Predator name. It is a boot that provides something unique that almost no other boot on the market can. It is a boot that even convinced me that I need a pair for the collection at some point. If you love power boots, you should try the Predator Accuracy.

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2 thoughts on “Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Low Review

  1. Thanks for yet another great review! Half-size down is spot on! I do wonder if I should stick with the AG soleplate or purchase the HG/AG version from Japan though. Did you get a chance to look at the AG studs in person? They do look unusually long but there are still more of them in the fore-foot area than HG/AG version.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I did look at the AG plate but those studs seem like they won’t be great on AG. Though you’re right, they do have more studs on the front than the HG


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