ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 Tech Breakdown

Evolution, not revolution

Aside from the regular DS Light, the X Fly 4 is probably one of the most popular models in ASICS’ line up. Almost every team I have played with or against at least has one or two members wearing the boots and almost every store seems to have them in stock. So, it is understandable that ASICS do not want to go too wild when updating the boot. And from the sounds of it they have made quality of life changes that enhances an already great foundation for the boot.

Starting with the upper itself, the kangaroo leather has gone from a low density 3mm backing foam to a higher density 4mm backing to add a better fit and improve comfort. The stitching on the leather has also changed slightly to improve the fit of the forefoot as well. Along with this idea of improving the fit, the lacing set has been changed slightly towards the bottom eyelets so that the leather does not bunch up when the laces on this area of the boot are tightened.

ASICS is continuing to use their Ex-Skin microfibre for the midfoot and rear of the boot to help enhance stability. They have adjusted the way the MOISTECT (think ACC) works on the boots so that the material does not harden upper even after playing the rain.

A more controversial change is switching the popular brushed lining material used in the previous model to a Nylon liner. Normally, the players who have worn the previous model’s brushed line liked it because how soft it made the inside of the boot feel. However, the use of a Nylon liner is probably done provide extra support to the boot and ASICS probably figures that the higher density foam will make up for any perceived step back in comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the tongue is made with a suede material that has a film layer of top. This combination of the suede and the film layers should ensure that the tongue remains comfortable while still maintaining its shape.

The heel of the ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 has also been changed. The previous had a great heel fit but some players felt the heel was too tall and dug into the back of the ankle. Because of this, ASICS have slightly lowered the heel and changed the shape on top of the heel to be more concave so that it better fits the area around the rear of the ankle. Along with this change the heel itself has been made wider for comfort and stability as players complained the heel was overly tight and sometimes unstable due to how narrow it was. To make sure that the heel is not too wide though, ASICS has increased the amount of padding on the inside of the heel area so that there is more adjustability in the fit.

Shape wise, the external heel counter has also been changed to be slightly lower and the overall density of the materials used on it also changed to be thicker. This is because there were complaints that the external heel counter felt like it was digging into the heels and a little flimsy, support-wise. So, by thickening up the material while lowering the overall height, the external heel counter is more comfortable while still being stable. It remains to be seen whether people will like the new heel design or not.

The insole itself has not seen any changes and still uses a anti-slip material in order to properly grip the socks.

As far as the soleplate goes, there are a few interesting changes. While the studs themselves are unchanged, they are about a 1mm taller in order to improve grip. It is made up of lightweight nylon while the bottom of the studs uses a urethane resin for durability. The ball of the foot and the big toe area uses these indented hashes to help promote flexibility while the rest of the soleplate uses convex hashes in order to improve stability and stop the foot from overflexing during play. The stud placement has also slightly changed in order to accommodate the new design of the soleplate.

The ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 still uses the same last as the X Fly 4 so the fit should be similar, and the front of the toe is slightly curved upwards more so that the feel are in more of a rocking position to provide for better push off when running.

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All images credit: Kemari87/Kishispo


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