ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 Review


The X Fly series has always been one of the major reasons why ASICS remains competitive with Mizuno in the Japanese market. Almost every team has at least a couple of players wearing the X Fly 4 (and to a lesser extent, the X Fly Pro). Popularity can be a double-edged sword since any changes made to a successful formula can receive blowback and less sales. So, with ASICS deciding to change the X Fly numbered series, there is a lot of potential for it to go wrong. Fortunately for ASICS, they know exactly what they are doing, since the X Fly 5 is nothing short of fantastic.

Fit and Feel

The first noticeable change when pulling the boots out of the box is that the leather feels softer and of a higher quality than the X Fly 4. It is ever so slightly more plush than the previous model but it feels much more premium and is probably the best non made in Japan leather I have come across. The forefoot is also more rounded than previously and allows for a better overall fit, with the change stitching lines making a little bit of a difference as well.

Another part of the ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 that has been upgraded is the insole. It is now topped with a softer suede-like material and while the cushioning itself has not changed, it feels very good on feet and there is no stud pressure, no matter the surface the boots are worn on.

The heel of the X Fly 5 is also improved with the shape putting less pressure on the Achilles and is more forgiving while wrapping the foot. This is not to say that the heel feels loose, in spite of the concerns that changing the heel shape could lead to less lockdown, it instead seems to have been ever so slightly improved. Part of this comes down to the fact that there is more cushioning in the heel versus previously, which adds to the feel of lockdown in this area as well as extra comfort.

One of the greatest strengths of the X Fly 5 is that it breaks in super quickly and with the first session the boots felt formed to the feet. Probably one of the greatest compliments that the boots can get is that you quickly forget that you are wearing new boots. The longer you wear them, the better they feel, which as many will know, adds a lot of confidence when playing.

ASICS also has a slight heel lift in their boots in order to aid the player when running and sprinting. In the past this has been more noticeable and occasionally might take a little bit of time getting used to. However, this is not the case in the X Fly 5 as you might forget that it is even there as it feels natural, as if every boot should have something similar (they should).

Overall lockdown is also excellent, with ASICS providing the always-appreciated extra lace hole in order to do the runner’s knot. The laces are also really nice and help with the awesome lockdown. The deep lacing system also means that it is easy to adjust the boot to your foot shape with few issues and means that the boots work for multiple foot shapes and types.

As far as sizing goes, I do find that the X Fly 5 fits ever so slightly tighter than the X Fly 4. In spite of this, I still felt comfortable going a half size down. Again, I should remind everyone that I prefer a tighter fit overall and the slight change of shape and the leather changes meant I felt comfortable going a half size down from normal. If you find that your normal size has space in the toes, I would argue you should go a half size down. Alternatively, if your normal size is tight, stick to true to size.

Touch and Dribbling

As one might expect from having a premium kangaroo leather upper, the ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 has an excellent touch on the ball. Part of this comes down to the softness of the leather but the great fit also means that the boot never feels sloppy when on the ball. ASICS has a MOIS TECT material that is supposed to act similar to other touch enhancing treatments. What is interesting is that there is a slight friction to touch when feeling this section of the boot. In wet weather, it is not necessarily noticeable, but there is definitely something there that has a slight feel on the ball.

Dribbling feels awesome in the boots and there are no negatives to speak of. Also, since the boot fit so well, there is a nice confidence to be found when dribbling the ball in the X Fly 5. There are not really any surprises, but it is nice when a boot focuses on the fit so much because things like dribbling come naturally.

Passing and Shooting

And so it goes for passing a shooting. It cannot be stated enough how an excellent fitting boot improves performance. There is also the added benefit of the soleplate, which does a superb job of keeping the foot anchored to the ground when hitting the ball with power. The X Fly 5 does have slightly cushioned leather, but it does not feel like the ball is deadened when hitting it. Thus, passing and crossing the ball feel really good and there is nothing to complain about here.

Shooting is also outstanding and given the slight stiffer nature of the soleplate, it feels as if the ball is able to be hit with more power because the soleplate provides a more solid base for the foot to sit on. Another way that the soleplate helps is that it feels very balanced in that no matter the position, the soleplate always feels stable enough to attempt to take a shot without feel awkward.


If it seems like there is a lot of praise being heaped on the soleplate, it is because it is absolutely brilliant. The grip is fantastic on multiple surfaces without feeling like the feet are “stuck” in the ground. The slight curve of the soleplate means that it is easy to “rock” into position to sprint. Even though it is not necessarily designed to be as such, it does somewhat feel like a speed boot soleplate in the there is a lot of support when sprinting. Part of this comes down to the fact that the soleplate has been slightly reinforced to be stiffer. This not only allows the soleplate and boot overall to feel more responsive, but also means that there is more support for the foot itself which leads to decreased fatigue.

It probably is one of the best soleplates on the market. It really is that good. It is a high performance soleplate and makes a mockery of soleplates that cannot handle different surfaces with ease. The boot feels like it is almost willing you to sprint for every ball and there is no point in which the foot feels tired or sore after a session. Recently, my team has been doing long sprints after practice and at no point have my feet felt tired as has been the case before. The shape of the studs also helps enhance the grip while still allowing you to pivot quickly and easily. Top marks.

Comparing with other boots

While something like the Morelia Neo 3 Japan has more premium leather and also an exceptional fit, the soleplate wildcard means that the ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 is a better boot overall in my opinion. What ASICS has done is set a new standard for leather/synthetic mix boots. A brilliant fit, combined with great leather and comfort means that other brands should be looking to ASICS for what their boots can be. This is not to say other brands should copy ASICS but rather should see what ASICS has done right.


It is easy to assume that ASICS would make a good boot, it is surprising to see how good the X Fly 5 is. ASICS have made some quality of life improvements that have elevated the series to a new level. The leather used on the X Fly 5 should be used on all ASICS models. The stiffer soleplate shows that you can still have a responsive soleplate without giving up comfort or stability. The amount of cushioning in heel means that the back of the foot is always comfortable. ASICS have created a superb boot and it is one that is easy to recommend to pretty much everyone.

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13 thoughts on “ASICS DS Light X Fly 5 Review

  1. How does the increased stud length feel in terms of stability? I have ankle issues so smaller studs are generally safer for me but would love to try them out. Any noticable difference compared to something like the Morelia neo 3? Thanks 🙏


    1. Stability was good, no issues for me. The Morelia Neo 3 has narrower studs but tbf they’re also slightly shorter. I don’t have ankle issues though. If you worried about the stud length, I’d say you should skip them.


  2. Thanks for this review.
    Do you know where and how to order Asics ssoccer boots for delivery in Europe?
    I usually wear Mizuno but I will be curious to test the other great Japanese brand !


    1. Thanks for reading! Your best bet is to contact Tokyo Football SG on Instagram. The other alternative is to use a forwarding service like Buyee to order from Japan


  3. How wide-feet friendly are these boots? Predator Accuracy.1 HG are too narrow on the midfoot for me.


      1. Thanks, I enjoy your blog regularly. Also, one more little question, as someone whose feet are too wide for the accuracy.1 true to size – is it safe to say that I go true to size for these Asics X-Fly 5s?


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