ASICS Acros 2 and Acros Pro 2 Tech Breakdown

The update the boots needed

If you have read my reviews of both the ASICS Acros and the Acros Pro, you will know that the upper was the one thing holding these boots back from being easy to recommend. While the lockdown, soleplate, fit and just about everything else about the boots were great, the stiff and untextured upper stopped both these boots from truly coming into their own. However, ASICS have sought to change that with the newest releases in the Acros series.

With the regular Acros 2, ASICS have repositioned the AcrosFit lockdown materials so that they do not interfere with the forefoot instep. Outside of the reworked upper, the Acros 2 still has the “Stability” soleplate with an external heel counter.

The Acros Pro 2 also shares a lot of similarities with its predecessor. The shoe tongue and the fit are similar to before, and the soleplate is the exact same one that is found on the X Fly Pro which is a positive since I am a big fan of that soleplate. This means that instead of an external heel counter, the Acros Pro 2 has an internal one.

Both of the boots also have a soft, brushed material not only in the heel liner but also can be found on the back of the shoe tongues. It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference versus since the previous models because this is an area where I did not hear any complaints before.

But the biggest change is that the upper’s baselayer is now a material called Russel Mesh. Russel Mesh is a soft, knitted, nylon material that is used for a lot of durable athletic wear as well as some other uses. It is of a medium thickness and is very pliable and very resilient. On top of this material is the AcrosFit system follow by a thin film layer to help add further durability to the upper.

This change in the upper looks to be a gamechanger for both boots since they were held back by the previous upper that was used and it has been a while since a Japanese brand has had a potential darkhouse synthetic boot.

The weight is also good on both boots, with them coming at under 200 grams, the Acros 2 being 185 grams and the Acros Pro 2 coming in at 192 grams in a size 26cm (8 US, 7 UK, 41 EUR.

As far as pricing, the ASICS Acros Pro 2 comes in at 19800 yen (which at the time of release of this article is 132 USD, 135 EUR, 188 SGD, 118 Pounds) and the regular Acros 2 comes in at 16500 yen (100 USD, 112.50 EURO, 157 SGD, 98 Pounds) so the pricing is really good for international boot heads and even for the Japanese market, the pricing is really good. Given that I reviewed the first Acros Pro earlier this year, it will be the first of the two that I review and should be happening before the year is out.

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2 thoughts on “ASICS Acros 2 and Acros Pro 2 Tech Breakdown

  1. Asics FG boots, while comfortable, are too narrow for my feet. Their TF version is 50% wider for some reasons. Definitely skeptical about a pair of synthetic boots nowadays though.

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