Mizuno Alpha Japan Tech Breakdown

Mizuno turns up the heat

Over the past several years while every other brand has been continually coming up with ways to reinvent the speed boot, Mizuno has been happy to sit on the sidelines. While others pushed for newer and reinvented ways to use synthetic, Mizuno has kept itself busy refining it’s own use of kangaroo leather. This is not to say that Mizuno has sat completely out of everything, if one looks at their running shoe releases one can see that this is not true, but it has kept that separate from football. That is, until now with Mizuno throwing down the marker with its own high-tech speed boot, the Mizuno Alpha.

Starting with the upper, it is made of five layers that have been pressed together to give a barefoot touch on the ball. These consist of a polyurethane material, Engineered Fit Woven, Engineered Fit Frame, Engineered Fit Sponge and Suede. The Engineered Fit Woven is the main material and is a new material developed by Mizuno that is light and soft. The Engineered Fit Frame is designed to help keep the foot locked in during play and stop the foot from moving about inside of the boot, while the Engineered Fit Sponge is a thin material that helps enhance the fit of the boot.

The tongue also has a five-layer structure that consists of two layers of polyurethane sheets, the Engineered Fit Frame, Engineered Fit Sponge and ZEROGLIDE Alpha Mesh. As one imagines given Mizuno’s use of the ZEROGLIDE naming, this means that this mesh material is designed to stop the tongue from sliding around during movement. This ZEROGLIDE Alpha Mesh is also used in the heel area in order to keep the heel from sliding around will give a nice, locked-in feeling.

Moving on to the soleplate, Mizuno did use the Morelia Neo soleplate for reference for stud positioning but has come up with the new Alpha Triangle studs to allow for more speed and agile movements. It also seems to be designed to be used on firm ground and artificial ground. Stay tuned for my review to see if they are right.

Things get very interesting in the midsole area. Mizuno uses a new version of KaRVO called KaRVO RS that reduces flex in the forefoot and gives a strong springback while sprinting which also stops the foot using too much energy while running. Mizuno has also made use of their Mizuno Enerzy material (which has been used on their running shoes) to help provide solid and comfortable support in the heel and helps reduce pressure on the joints while playing.

The insole also includes the ZEROGLIDE Alpha Mesh in order to further reduce slippage of the foot on the inside of the boot and also helps to extend the good fit the rest of the boot provides. So, overall there should be a lot of lockdown and grip available on the inside of the boot.

Lastly, the boot itself is built on the same last as the Morelia Neo III Japan so the fit should be similar though I will not be one hundred percent sure until I get the boots in hand myself. Given that there are a lot of people who love the fit of the Morelia Neo 3 Japan, this is good news and means that Mizuno did not try to do anything weird with the fit. As far as the weight goes, the Mizuno Alpha Japan comes in at 190 grams (6.7 ounces) in a 27CM (US 9/UK 8/ EU 42). While the boots are available for pre-order, the boots will release on the 18th of November in Japan and seems to be available in Europe/USA shortly thereafter.

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All photos credit: Soccer Shop Kamo except for the stud layout picture credit to Sports Web Shoppers


14 thoughts on “Mizuno Alpha Japan Tech Breakdown

  1. Looks super interresting. But in the first Pictures, where Ramos wore them, i hoped it would be e rebula 4. since i totally missed out the rebula 3 i was more excited back then. I guess we won‘t see a rebula 3-esque in near future…

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  2. Thanks Andrew, hope you might able to review it once its available, especially on the karvo tech. I presume that this is the new improvement on mizuno. I hope you could tell the different between karvo in mizuno and the one in Adler.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve got a pair on preorder. Mizuno actually used KaRVO before on the Morelia Neo 2 Beta and it was quite popular. It’ll be an interesting comparison between the two brands for sure.


  3. I want to buy it, but i hesitate to buy the Japan or Elite model. It seems like that the only difference is whether they use KaRVO in the midsole area. Does karvo really have great effect on the speed or performance of the player?what do you think

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    1. So KaRVO functions very similar to what carbon fibre does in the adidas X series. It gives great springback and helps propel you along. Not everyone’s thing, but I like it. The other difference is the fit is slightly better and the quality of the build is higher in the Japan model. But the Elites are still good from the feedback I’ve seen.


      1. Thank u. Unfortunately, the Asian region seems to be out of stock now and so I can’t buy the Japanese model I want. I hope Mizuno will produce alpha more in the future.

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